Our products and services

We have been supporting industrial sectors for over 10 years and our continuously increasing knowledge and experience enable us to accurately determine their needs, and provide them with desired products and services.

Along with industries of mining, transportation, contruction and logistic, our success can be attributed to the diversity of our services and to our philosophy of providing total quality solutions to all our client needs :

  • Central purchasing, Transport, Logistic,
  • Supply products : ( AMC Products ), Drilling equipment (France SMP Company Drillmax, FORDIA) and Welding,
  • Supply of lubricants and battery, Industrial parts (Caterpillar and Cummins),
  • Supply safety equipment, safety helmets, gloves, safety vest, torch, safety shoe, fire extinguishers (EPI CERVA),
  • Supply chemical products,
  • Iron and steel : wire, nails, building beams, bolts, concrete reinforcing iron, turning workshop,
  • Provision of food and comfort products on mining sites,
  • Supply electronics and home appliances equipment,